Poor Incy Wincy lost his web!!

Oh dear! Poor Incy Wincy Spider has lost his web!! Luckily the Jewels were there to make him a new one. We rolled the wool to our friends and made a fantastic web for Incy!

Well done Jewels

Mrs Nunns x


Cold bears…

As we have been reading a story all about clothes we have been thinking about the types of clothes you wear in Winter. We thought hats, gloves and scarfs are good to wear outside when it is cold. We have some very cold bears in Foundation who needed our help to get warm.

Stories for Talking – The Washing Line!

img_42271We have a new story in F1 called the ‘Washing Line’. It is all about some animals who get their clothes wet so they need to dry them on the washing line.

We have had great fun dressing the animals in the correct clothes. We have been playing at washing and drying clothes with our washing machine and line. We even have a clothes shop where we can buy some clothes.

Please come and ask us about our story!

Mrs Nunns